Style Tips

Tips to get maximum results 

Natural hair Twist-out- blow dry your hair on medium heat for length retention, then apply Luxe foam and a few drops of Pure Oil to sections of your hair, twist hair in two and set to dry, your hair will have defined curls as well as a super soft feel that will last days.


Silk Press longevity- to get the lasting power out of your silk press, simply spray your hair with our Shield & Gloss and add 1-3 drops of Luxe Remedy to your strands, tie your hair down or but on a bonnet to seal in moisture.


Pixie Promise- Keep your short cut shiny and smooth with  our Luxe Remedy and your keep your edges and features smooth with Sleek, a little goes a long way sleep with  our deluxe silk pillow case.


Dry Scalp Relief- Before shampooing distribute Pure Oil all throughout your scalp then follow with Applying Mint Clear shampoo to hair and scalp while hair is dry, cover your hair with a plastic cap for 5-7 minutes, this allows for a scalp detox! shampoo hair as normal and look forward to a clean scalp with less inflammation and dryness.