Founded by Corenza Handy, Pixie LaMode is rooted in hair products made for healthy hair first. Our main focus is hair growth and scalp health. Being a woman and a hairstylist, Corenza has a huge passion for making women look and feel their very best while wearing her short cut The Pixie LaMode line of hair products represent just that!  Carefully created and targeted to address a range of hair needs, we offer a line of products for styling and maintaining your Pixie Cut. 

As the founder and CEO, Corenza built this vision long before it’s fruition. Her skills as a master hair stylist with over 15 years of experience has allowed her to expertly care for her clients' hair. The years of expertise led to the development of Pixie LaMode, and birthed a line of products with advanced formulated ingredients to address a multitude of hair care and styling needs.

Whether you have completely natural, color treated, or chemically processed hair, our products are designed with the most effective nourishing ingredients to ensure manageability, style and health for your hair.

Our products are , paraben free, sulfate free, to guarantee an effective and safe hair care system.

Corenza’s thoughts are simple “A women who cuts her hair can change the world ”